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Another one of my passions....I love the freedom and exhilaration of being on my motorcycle and the open road!


My work is constantly evolving. I began doing figurative work in art school, then my work gradually became more abstract, but always with figurative elements.  As my work became more abstract, I started putting objects (mostly paint can lids and cut up paint cans) onto wood surfaces.  I worked in this manner creating assemblages for many years. I worked  intuitively and loved creating pieces with non conventional materials by finding harmony and balance in unrelated objects;  harmony in chaos.


In my most recent body of work I’ve returned to my roots of creating art through drawing. In these new pieces my heavy black line flows and meanders on brightly painted surfaces, sometimes floating on the surface, sometimes interwoven within it. The lines flow like rivers or highways, thoughts, ideas and choices. They are possibilities; some bold and some barely visible, action verses thought.







Goose Ridge Artist Series Label, 2010       


I'd like to thank Nina Rogers for this great opportunity to have my artwork purchased by Goose Ridge  and used on their label.



American Trash, mixed media assemblage, 2013, is my contribution to the Landfllart Project, . Ken Marquis, project creator, collected over 1,000 hubcaps from junk yards, and asked artists to "reclaim" the hubcap. I am proud to be a part of this project, thanks to my good friend and fellow artist, Pattie Young, for telling me about the project. Learn more about the project on their website.




 Detail, American Trash, 2013



1987- School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Fifth Year Certificate, Boston, Ma.


1986- School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Diploma, Boston, Ma.


1981- New York University, Continuing Education, Painting, New York, NY.


1981- School of Visual Arts, Painting, New York, NY.


1980- Art Students League, Life Drawing, New York, NY.


1979- Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, Wa.











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